Inchin’s Wok Locations

    Suwanee, GA

    3230 caliber st, ste A-104
    suwanee ga 30024

    • Tuesday: closed
    • Wednesday – Monday: 11:00am – 9:00pm

      Tel: 470-253-8385

    Alpharetta, GA

    670 north main st. ste 110
    alpharetta, ga 3009

    • Tuesday: closed
    • Wednesday – Monday: 11:00am – 9:00pm

      Tel: 770-797-5656

    every saturday & sunday 11am – 3pm
    pick any two for $20
    comes with pani puri (15 pcs)

    dahi batata puri
    crispy poori. mashed potato. cilantro & tamarind chutney. yogurt. spices. 8
    crispy chana chaat gf/v
    crispy chick peas. green onion. ginger. pomegranate. cilantro. spices. lemon juice. 8
    poori aloo sabzi (4 pcs)
    whole wheat bread fried. potato curry. 9
    masala omelette
    (served with amul butter dripped pao)
    egg. onion. tomato. chili. cilantro. 9

    eggs kejriwal
    egg. red onion. green thai chili. amul cheese. butter. black peppercorn. cilantro. 8
    poori chhole (2 pcs) v
    whole wheat bread fried. chickpea curry. 9
    onion chili uttapam waffle gf/v
    rice flour. onion. chili. cilantro. spices. 9
    pao bhaji
    pao bread. potatoes. tomatoes. onions. cilantro. peas. spices. butter. 10 (add 1 pc of pao +$2)
    vada pao (2 pcs) v
    pao bread. potatoes. peas. cilantro chutney. garlic chutney. spices. 8
    bombay sandwich
    potato. tomato. cucumber. butter. spicy cilantro chutney. grated cheese. 8 (add amul cheese $1)
    veg grilled sandwich 
    bell peppers. tomato. onion. spices. amul cheese. 9
    kachori kadhi
    crispy fried flat bread. tempered yogurt curry. 9
    aloo paratha
    spiced potato. stuffed bread. yogurt. pickle. 8

    A La Carte


    veg sweet corn gf/v 4

    veg hot & sour* v 4
    chicken sweet corn gf 4
    chicken hot & sour* 4


    veg | c
    hicken momos (3 pcs) 6
    steamed | szechwan* | fried | butter masala

    BREAD 3

    malaysian paratha

    butter | plain | garlic


    veg samosa (2 pcs) v
    potato. peas. spices. filo. 6

    chicken tikka masala samosa (3 pcs)*
    crispy phyllo. chicken tikka masala. 7

    keema samosa (3 pcs)*
    crispy phyllo. ground lamb. 7 

    veg spring rolls (2 pcs) v
    cabbage. carrot. bell pepper. 5

    chili baby corn* v
    baby corn. red onion. green chili. 7
    chinese bhel* v
    (room temp)
    crispy noodle. red onion. cucumber. tomato. 6
    paneer 65*
    paneer. curry leaf. bell pepper. red onion. cumin. mustard seed. dry red chili. 8
    pan fried chili paneer (4 pcs) *
    bell pepper. red onion. 8
    masala cilantro wings (3 pcs)
    chicken wings. lemon. butter. cilantro. garlic. spices. 8
    wings of heaven (3 pcs)*
    chicken wings. bell pepper. dry red chili. red onion. 8
    chicken 65*
    chicken. curry leaf. bell pepper. red onion. cumin. mustard seed. dry red chili. 8


    all bowls come with steamed white rice 
    add: naan / malaysian paratha / veg hakka noodles / veg fried rice for $2 

    • vegetable coins v 9
    szechwan** | manchurian*
    vegetable thai yellow curry gf/v
    mixed vegetables. yellow curry. thai basil. 9
    • cauliflower manchurian* v
    battered cauliflower. cilantro. onion. green chili. celery. 9
    chana masala* gf
    chickpeas. onion. tomato. cilantro. indian spices. butter. 9
    • tofu v 9
    szechwan** | manchurian*
    kung pao paneer*
    cubed paneer. bell peppers. water chestnut. peanut. dry red chili. 10
    • paneer v 10
    szechwan** | manchurian*
    paneer makhani* gf
    cubed paneer. tomato. butter. cream. indian spices. 10
    chicken thai yellow curry gf
    chicken. vegetables. yellow curry. thai basil. 11
    kung pao chicken*
    bell pepper. water chestnut. peanut. 10
    dhaba chicken curry (bone in)* gf
    bone in chicken. onion. ginger. garlic.. tomato. spices. cilantro. 11

    butter chicken*
    chicken. butter. onion. tomato. cream. indian spices. 11
    ƥ garlic pepper chicken*
    diced chicken. bell peppers. ground black pepper. 10
    ƥ chicken 10
    szechwan** | manchurian*
    sweet & sour chicken
    mixed vegetables. pineapple. strawberry. 11
    mongolian chicken
    caramelized red onion. crispy rice noodle. 11
    ƥ chili chicken**
    green chili. bell pepper. red onion. 10
    goat nihari (bone in)
    bone in goat. onion. ginger. garlic. spices. ghee. fried onion. cilantro. 12
    black pepper beef*
    bell pepper. red onion. green onion. black pepper. 12
    mongolian beef
    caramelized red onion. crispy rice noodle. 12


    all dishes are prepared with aromatic basmati rice 

    steamed white gf 3
    veg biryani gf
    basmati rice. beans. carrot. peas. cauliflower. spices.
    chicken biryani gf
    basmati rice. egg. chicken. spices.
    burnt garlic chili fried rice* gf
    golden fried garlic. crushed dry red chili.
    fried rice
    carrot. bell pepper. cabbage. green onion.
    vegetable v 9 | chicken 10

    paneer | ckn 65 fried rice*
    curry leaves. indian spices. dry red chili. 10


    street side chow mein*
    IBG noodle. shredded vegetables. green chili sauce.
    lo mein
    eggless thick noodle. shredded vegetables.
    hakka noodles
    thin eggless noodle. shredded vegetables. napa. celery.
    american chopsuey
    crispy IBG noodle. shredded vegetables. sweet & sour.

    veg v 10 | ckn 11

    veg v/chicken triple szechwan
    rice. noodles. vegetables. tangy. crispy noodles. side sauce. 11


    add egg to any kathi roll for +$1

    potato kathi roll* 
    potato. onion. celery. thai chili. cilantro. green chili sauce. 7
    paneer tikka kathi roll* 
    grilled paneer. sliced onion. cilantro. chopped chili. vinegar. spice mix. 7
    chicken tikka kathi roll* 
    grilled chicken. pickled onion. cilantro. chopped chili. spice mix. 7
    lamb boti kathi roll* 
    grilled lamb. sliced onion. cilantro. spicy cilantro chutney. chopped chili. spice mix. 8
    bombay pao bhaji* v
    (made with amul butter) potatoes. tomatoes. onions. cilantro. peas. spices. 10 (add 1 pc of pao $2)
    vada pao (2 pcs)* v
    potatoes. peas. cilantro chutney. garlic chutney. spices. 8
    bombay sandwich
    (made with amul butter) potatoes. tomatoes. cucumber. butter. spicy cilantro chutney. grated cheese. 8 (add amul cheese $1)
    veg grilled sandwich
    (made with amul butter & amul cheese) bell peppers. tomato. onion. spices. 9
    chicken tikka masala sandwich* v
    (made with amul butter) chicken tikka masala. spices. 9
    chicken tikka (3 pcs)*
    boneless grilled chicken. indian spices. 8
    railway cutlet pao (2 pcs) v
    beetroot patty. tomato. lettuce. crunchy fried onion. creamy cilantro chutney. 9
    papdi chaat*
    flat flour crisp. potato. onion. cilantro. tamarind & cilantro chutney. yogurt. sev. spices. 8
    hara moong chaat* gf/v
    sprouted green moong. onion. tomato. cucumber. cilantro. chili. spices. lemon juice. 8
    samosa chaat (2 pcs)* v 
    veg samosa. chole. green chili. onion. cilantro. spice mix. 9 
    panipuri (6 pcs)* v 
    puri. potato. white peas. cilantro. spices. mint/tamarind water. tamarind sweetener. 8 
    sev puri (6 pcs)* v 
    puri. potato. onion, cilantro. lime. spices. chutneys: cilantro/tamarind/chili garlic. 8
    kachori chaat (1 pc) 
    kachori. potato. black chana. onion. cilantro. spices. yogurt. chutneys: cilantro/tamarind. 9
    tikki chhole (2 pcs) gf/v
    potato patties. white peas. onion. cilantro. ginger. spices. chutneys: cilantro/tamarind. 9 

    (feeds 4)
    -pick 2 entrees from combo section. (20oz) served with steamed white rice.
    vegetarian 40
    paneer/chicken 42
    goat/beef 44

    -pick 1 rice/noodles
    burnt garlic chili fried rice
    fried rice
    hakka noodles
    lo mein
    street side chow mein*

    -pick 1 side
    veg/chicken/keema samosa (4 pcs)
    veg spring rolls (6 pcs)
    momos (8 pcs) steamed | fried


    bottled water 1
    masala soda 3
    madras coffee 4

    served with 1 pkt of biscuits
    masala tea 4

    served with 1 pkt of biscuits
    mango lassi 4
    fresh lemonade 4
    buttermilk 4
    soda 2

    french fries v 6
    chicken nuggets (6 pcs) 6
    happy meal (4 pc nuggets & fries) 6

    mac & cheese 6


    fried ice cream (2 pcs)
    vanilla ice cream. egg. bread crumb. 6
    chocolate spring rolls (2 pcs)
    chocolate. cashew nut. crispy. vanilla dip. 6
    gulab jamun (2 pcs)

    dumplings. dried milk. cardamom syrup. 5
    rasmalai (2 pcs)
    flavored milk. pistachios. almond. 5

    * spicy ** very spicy
    • dry for $1 extra ∆ white chicken for $1 extra
    GF = gluten free V = vegan