Inchin’s Indian Kitchen St. Catharines

    St Catharines, CA

    312 Lake St.
    St. Catharines, ON L2N 4H4, Canada

    Monday – Sunday: 12:00pm – 11:00pm



    tomato and coriander soup 5
    fresh coriander and tomato soup 
    taja salad gf/v
    cucumber, tomato, lettuce, onions with lime & chilies. 
    lachha pyaaz gf/v
    sliced onion, lime and green chilies. 


    samosa (2 pcs) v
    fcrispy pyramids stuffed with potatoes, peas & mild spices. 

    mirch & paneer pakora gf
    fried cheese cubes stuffed with green chilis served with house made chutneys.
    vegetable pakora gf/v
    potato, cauliflower, spinach, served with house made chutneys
    aloo tikki 7 
    spiced potato patties served with house made chutneys

    non vegetarian

    masala wings gf 11
    fried marinated chicken wings tossed with curry leaves and spices
    fish pakora gf 10
    basa fish fritters served with house chutney
    coconut shrimp 9
    crispy coconut coated shrimp


    papdi chaat 8
    papdi, topped with potatoes, onions, chickpeas, chutneys, yogurt & spices
    phuchka v
    a version of panipuri with potatoes and coriander chutney stuffed in a crispy puri drenched in a sour & spicy mint flavored water 
    peanut masala gf/v
    roasted peanuts with green chilis, onions, tomatoes, and coriander in lemon dressing
    samosa/aloo tikki chaat 8
    topped with chickpeas, chutneys, spices & crispy sev


    panner tikka gf 14
    roasted cottage cheese with peppers & pineapple, served with house made chutneys
    tandoori chicken 16
    barbeque bone in chicken marinated in a yogurt mixture & mustard oil
    chicken tikka 16
    boneless chicken cubes marinated with indian spices and yogurt
    afghani malai tikka 16
    chicken breast marinated with ginger, garlic and lightly spiced cream cheese
    chicken reshmi kabab 15
    spiced ground chicken skewers, marinated with herbs and indian spices
    lamb seekh kabab gf 16
    spiced ground lamb skewers marinated with herbs and indian spices


    kadhai paneer gf 15
    cubed cottage cheese cooked with various herbs, coriander seeds, onions, peppers, and tomato gravy
    mughlai shahi panner gf 15
    homemade cottage cheese in a yellow gravy with aromatic mughlai spices
    palak paneer gf 15
    cottage cheese cooked in freshly pureed spinach, mildly spiced with north indian flavors
    paneer butter masala gf 15
    cottage cheese cubes in a smooth tomato & cream sauce, lightly spiced with a hint of tang & sweetness
    jodhpuri gatta curry gf 15
    steamed gram flour dumplings cooked in a flavorful homemade yogurt curry, chef’s specialty from rajasthan
    aloo gobi masala fry gf/v 14
    flash fried cauliflower and potatoes sauteed with onions, served in a tomato & ginger masala gravy
    jaipuri bhindi masala gf/v 12
    stir fried okra with onions, tomatoes and spices
    subzi masala gf/v 13
    fresh vegetables sauteed with fresh herbs and ground spices served with coriander leaves
    yellow daal tadka gf/v 12
    split yellow lentils tempered with asafetida, cumin & garlic
    daal makhani gf 16
    black lentils cooked with tomatoes, ginger, garlic, butter & cream
    chana chandni chowk gf/v 13
    chick peas with green chilies, onions, garlic, cilantro, tomatoes and a blend of spices
    soy changezi 17
    chargrilled marinated soy chap cooked in a tomato and onions, gravy finish with cream, butter and spices

    non vegetarian

    chicken tikka lababdar 16
    boneless chicken in a special tomato butter sauce with indian spices
    butter chicken 16
    boneless chicken in a special tomato butter sauce with indian spices
    indian kitchen changezi 19
    chargrilled marinated bone in chicken cooked in a tomato sauce with cream and spices
    chicken vindaloo 15
    fiery red traditional goan dish with vinegar & coconut
    chicken korma 15
    tender white chicken breast cooked with onion and cashew nut gravy
    rogani murgh curry 15
    boneless chicken cooked with onions, garlic, tomatoes and savory spices
    goat laal maas gf 17
    bone in goat rajasthani curry cooked in a variety of spices and red chilis
    lamb vindaloo 17
    fiery red traditional goan dish with vinegar and coconut
    lamb handi curry gf 17
    tender lamb pieces cooked with garlic, ginger, and other ground spices
    shrimp khurchan gf 15
    marinated tiger prawns sauteed with mustard, onion, peppers and indian spices, and garnished with coriander leaves


    naan (butter/veg biryani gf 10
    soft indian bread baked in a clay oven

    garlic naan 4
    soft indian bread topped with garlic
    bullet naan 4
    indian bread topped with fresh green chilis & cilantro
    tandoori roti 3.5
    whole wheat oven baked indian bread
    lachha paratha 6
    multi layered whole wheat indian bread brushed with clarified butter
    pudina paratha 6
    layered indian whole wheat bread
    aloo kulcha 8 (available until 5pm)
    crispy leavened bread stuffed with mashed potatoes & spices
    paneer kulcha 8 (available until 5pm)
    crispy leavened indian flatbread stuffed with spicy paneer mixture


    veg biryani gf 15
    aromatic & well seasoned basmati rice sauteed with vegetables
    chicken biryani 17
    aromatic & well seasoned basmati rice sauteed with chicken
    lam biryani gf 18
    aromatic & spicy flavored basmati rice sauteed with lamb
    shrimp biryani 15
    aromatic & well seasoned basmati rice sauteed with shrimp
    jeera rice gf/v 5
    basmati rice flavored with cumin seeds
    safed chawal gf/v 4
    plain basmatic rice
    vegetable pulao gf/v 7
    basmati rice sauteed with peas, carrots & indian spices


    boondi raita gf 3
    spiced yogurt raita with crisp gram flour dumplings
    vegetable raita gf 3
    refreshing yogurt mixture with cucumber & onions
    plain dahi gf 2
    homemade fresh yogurt
    mixed achar 1
    indian style spiced vinaigrette pickle
    roasted papad 1.5
    pappadum roasted over direct fire
    chutneys 1
    choice of green, garlic, mango, or tamarind


    lassi (sweet or salty) 5
    yoghurt based thick buttermilk flavored with spices
    mango lassi 6
    yoghurt based thick buttermilk flavored with fresh mango puree
    mango shake 6
    a thick milkshake made with fresh mango puree
    coffee 4 (available until 5pm)
    masala tea 4 (available until 5pm)
    flavored or plain tea beverage with a mixture of spices & herbs



    sweet corn veg gf/v 5 / chicken gf 5.5
    hot and sour* veg v 5 / chicken 5.5


    veg spring rolls (6 pcs) v 8
    cavage, carrot, bellpepper
    pan fried chili paneer* 11
    paneer, bell pepper, red onion
    crispy chili baby corn* v 10
    baby corn, red onion, green chili
    crispy chili potatoes** v 11
    potato strips, scallions
    chinese bhel* v 10
    crispy noodle, red onion, cucumber, tomato at room temperature
    chicken 65* 11
    chicken, curry leaf, bell pepper, red onion, dry red chili, cumin, mustard seed


    •szechwan** | •manchurian** | veg coins 14 | paneer 14
    chicken 14 (white chicken for $1 extra) | shrimp 15

    •cauliflower manchurian** v
    •chili chicken**
    chicken, bell pepper, red onion
    •chili shrimp**
    shrimp, bell pepper, red onion
    •chili fish** 15
    tilapia fish, bell pepper, red onion (dry/saucy)


    fried rice
    carrot, bell pepper, cabbage, green onion
    szechwan fried rice**
    bell pepper, cabbage, carrot, green onion

    vegetable v 12 | chicken 13 | shrimp 12


    hakka noodles
    thin eggless noodle, shredded vegetables, napa, celery
    chili garlic noodles**
    thin eggless noodle, shredded vegetables, garlic, chili

    vegetable v 11 | chicken 12 | shrimp 12

    * spicy **very spicy
    GF = gluten free V = vegan •dry for $1 extra