The Story Behind Our Indo- Chinese Food

Chinese people migrated to India in the 18th century to work in the ports at Calcutta and Madras. With them, they brought their unique cooking techniques that became a large part of the cuisine in Calcutta, and eventually spread all throughout India.

Inchin is a combination of the words Indian and Chinese, and this is what truly describes our cuisine. Since Calcutta played a very important part in the development of Chinese cuisine in India, it is here that our food is inspired from. In today’s Global Cuisine trend, ours is a fusion of many far eastern cuisines. Some of the dishes are inspired by Malaysian cooking, which in turn is influenced by Indian and Chinese cooking styles. It was a natural follow-through to then introduce foods from Thailand, Singapore, Burma, and most recently, India.

Though we started as a primarily Indo-Chinese concept, we have grown and expanded to allow guests to enjoy flavors from all over Asia, under one roof!

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