Our Story

    The Story Behind Our Indo Chinese Food

    Chinese people migrated to India in the 18th century to work at the ports in Calcutta and Madras. With them, they brought their unique cooking techniques that over time became a large part of the cuisine in Calcutta, and eventually spread throughout India.

    Inchin is a combination of the words Indian and Chinese, and this is what truly describes our cuisine. Since Calcutta played a very important part in the development of Chinese cuisine in India, it is here that our food is inspired from. Over the past 18 years we have spent time experimenting, and today serve a fusion of many far eastern cuisines. This is what makes our menu Asian Fusion. Some of the dishes are inspired by Malaysian cooking, which in turn is influenced by Indian and Chinese cooking styles. Since then, we have evolved and added popular dishes from Singapore, Thailand, and even India.

    On our ever evolving menu you will find dishes that are nuanced in nostalgia from various famous restaurants in India, to variations of many dishes we have enjoyed on our travels throughout Asia. We hope to entice your tastebuds and excite you with unique dishes and a menu that has something for everyone.